I performed Small Mouth Sounds nearly 200 times, by far my longest run to date.  Returning to New York after seven months on the road, I launched into two projects with The Assembly: appearing in Seagullmachine (a mashup of classic plays by Anton Chekhov and Heiner Muller) and developing Bartleby in the Castle (an original musical freely inspired by works by Herman Melville and Franz Kafka).




First National Tour

August 28, 2017-March 4, 2018

by Bess Wohl, dir. Rachel Chavkin

with Connor Barrett, Edward Chin-Lyn, Orville Mendoza, Brenna Palughi, Socorro Santiago and Cherene Snow

Role: Ned

August 30-September 24:
Long Wharf Theater (New Haven, CT)

October 11-December 10:
American Conservatory Theater (San Francisco, CA)

January 11-January 28:
The Broad Stage (Los Angeles, CA)

February 16-March 4:
Arscht Center (Miami, FL)


Production (on-camera recording)

January 3, 2018 (Principal Photography)

by Adam Burnett, dir. Jess Chayes

with Lani Fu, Jayne Houdyshell, Sam Gonzalez, Manny Rivera, Kate Schroeder and Richard Thieriot

Role: The Pool

The Tank

Mounted January 14-20, 2018, while I was in LA with Small Mouth Sounds, Holidays In/Coyote featured video characters who presided godlike over a Holidome in Topeka, Kansas. As The Pool, I was chill, wise and often stoned, dreaming hazily of "the water beneath the water".

Directed by Jess Chayes, the film was shot and edited by video designer David Pym.

playwright L.M. Feldman

playwright L.M. Feldman


Workshop (Regional)

February 12, 2018

by L.M. Feldman, dir. Maura Krause

Role: Philibert Commerson

The day before flying back to my next stop on the Small Mouth Sounds tour, I took a bus down to Philly for my first public reading of scenes from Thrive.


Closed Reading

March 14, 2018

by Gary Winter, dir. Meghan Finn

with Christine Anglin, Jack Frederick, Andrea Morales and Christian Roberson

Role: Captain Jimmy

The Tank




April 14-May 5, 2018

by Anton Chekhov and Heiner Muller, dir. Jess Chayes and Nick Benacerraf

with Rolls Andre, Edward Bauer, Marvin Bell, Emily Caffery, Nehassaiu deGannes, Anna Elliott, Christopher Hurt, Jax Jackson, Layla Khosh, Daniel Maseda, Elena McGhee, and Gaby Resende

Role: Trigorin

The Assembly @ La Mama

the broken'hearts of a corrupted white house


April 23-26, 2018

by Matthew Paul Olmos, dir. Mia Rovegno

with Michael Billingsley, Eric Miller, Jose Joaquin Perez and Liz Ramos

Role: G. Gordon Liddy

Matt Olmos is interested in exploring how not all patriots serve their country, and not all sacrifice is for the greater good. After pouring over interviews with G. Gordon Liddy, architect of the Watergate break in, I began to realize how right he is.

Columbus street


May 29, 2018

by Amina Henry, dir. Mia Rovegno

with Brian Coats, Danielle Davenport, Chad Goodridge and Amy Staats

Role: Allen Smith

The New Group



June 1-June 10, 2018

by Ben Beckley and Nate Weida, dir. Jess Chayes

with Ben Beckley, Lena Hudson, Jessica Frey, Anna Ishida, Jax Jackson, Melissa Mahoney, Emil McGloin, Ronald Peet, and Nate Weida

Role: Computer/Klamm

The Assembly @ Atlantic Theater Company

x country


June 1-June 10, 2018

by Jordan Baum, dir. Brooke O'Harra

with Antonio Barrera, Mateo Correa, Maxwell Cosmo Cramer, Bráulio Cruz, Daniella De Jesús, Charlie Hurtt, Julia Jarcho, Modesto Flako Jimenez, Richard Lowenburg, Dan Peeples, Nicholas Sanchez and Bubba Weiler

Role: Langley

Clubbed Thumb



July 10-18, 2018

by Krista Knight, dir. Jess Chayes

with Christine Donnelly, Morgan Green, Gavin Haag, Katie Kopajtic, Jose Ramos, Lauren Schaffel and Rajeev Varma

Roles: Dr. Berman, Stuart

Tres Brujas @ Alchemical Studios



August, 2018

by Ben Beckley and Nate Weida, dir. Jess Chayes

with Lauren Annunziata, Ben Beckley, Bee Franlin, Jessica Frey, Jax Jackson, Kuhoo Verma, and Nate Weida

Role: Computer/Titorelli

The Assembly @ Judson Church

Three for all

Closed Reading

October 14, 2018

by Greg Edwards and Timothy Cooper

with Susan Jacks

Role: Zed, Sven, Older Investor, Worried Investor, Husky-Voiced Actor, Line-Stander #2, Vendor

Ripley Grier



October 19, 2018

by Gaetano Marangelli, dir. Brendon DeMay

with Dan Cozzens, Noam Harary, Jake Hart and Graham Sack

Role: Sam

Reign or Shine Productions @ The Drama League



October 26, 2018

by Dominic Finocchiaro, dir. Gus Heagerty

with Stephen Bennett, Kathryn Lang, Keilly McQuail and Danielle Slavick

Role: Eli

The Drama Book Shop

I knew from reading Complex in 2016 that Dominic Finocchiaro had an uncanny sense of the rhythm of contemporary urban New York: breathless, unsettled, and unsettling. In Brut, he offers that energy in counterpoint to something very different: a down-and-out family is rural Ohio.
”Music executive Eli returns to his sleepy southern Ohio hometown with a mission: to sign a mentally challenged savant and bring his undiscovered talent to a wider audience. To do so, however, he'll have to face his own past and do battle with the family who helped raise him. A play about the ethical ambiguities of the outsider art market and the inescapability of who we were and where we're from.”

get out hide out help out fight


October 29, 2018

by Hillary Miller, dir. Kristjan Thor

with Sara Buffamanti, Christine Chang, Tracy Hazas, Luis Moreno, Gregg Mozgala, Jonathan Tindle

Role: Alex

The Bushwick Starr

What the constitution means to me


December 4-30, 2018

by Heidi Schreck, dir. Oliver Butler

with Rosdely Ciprian, Mike Iveson, Heidi Schreck, and Thursday Williams

Role: Mel Yonkin (u/s)

New York Theatre Workshop @ The Greenwich House Theater

Nearly six months after reaching out to the casting director about my enthusiasm for What The Constitution Means To Me, I got an offer to join the critically acclaimed production for its third and final Off-Broadway extension. When the show transferred to the Helen Hayes Theatre three months later, I made my Broadway debut.

A doll’s house adaptation


December 10, 2018

by Raquel Almazan, dir. Miranda Haymon

Role: Man Who Is a Husband (Torvald, Lucas Hnath)

The Bushwick Starr

Just as Sara Farrington took on Brecht’s feminist failings in The Brecht Play, Raquel eviscerates Ibsen’s in Does That Feel Good To You, My Lark?

The Oresteia


December 14, 2018

music by Nate Weida, lyrics and book by Nate Weida, Mia Hull, and Micah Bucey

with Lauren Annunziata, Bee Franklin, Ben Langhorst, Melissa Mahoney, Preston Martin, McLean Peterson, Paul Rescigno, Robbie Rescigno, and Nate Weida

Role: Aegisthus

Judson Church

“My aunt was my mother/ Don’t ask me—it’s Greek,” sings Aegisthus, setting the tone for Nate Weida’s ambitious retelling of Aeschylus’ Oresteia.

Mondo tragic


December 16, 2018

by Eric Holmes, dir. Miranda Haymon

with Kieron Anthony, Toni Ann DeNoble, and Eric Holmes

Role: Sloan, Adam

National Black Theatre

Mondo films were, as Eric puts it, “shockumentaries that took viewers on a journey. A journey through random parts of the globe to observe the bizarre customs of bizarre people in various stages of undress. Think Girls Gone Wild meets Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Sex stuff. Gross stuff. Blood stuff. No plot.”

Mondo Tragic offers its own strange journey, one that pits Eric Holmes (a light-skinned black man who sometimes passes as white) against Rachel Dolezal (a white woman who infamously declared herself African-American). I play a clueless detective and a Manson-obsessed cinephile.


the broken hears of a corrupted white house


March 19-20, 2019

by Matthew Paul Olmos, dir. dir. Mia Rovegno

with Brittany Bellizeare, Eric Miller, Luis Moreno, Alfredo Narcisso, and Mariana Newhard

Role: G. Gordon Liddy

New Dramatists

Ben (foreground) and Karl Miller (background) in  The Whistleblower .

Ben (foreground) and Karl Miller (background) in The Whistleblower.

The Whistleblower


February 15-March 10, 2019

by Itamar Moses, dir. Oliver Butler

with Bill Christ, Meredith Forlenza, Karl Miller, Leslie O'Carroll, Allison Jean White, and Landon G. Woodson

Role: Max

Denver Center for the Performing Arts

An incredible experience. We staged the show in the round, with actors and set pieces coming in from the voms for each scene until an hour into the performance, when the stage filled with fog, a trap door opened at the center of the stage, and a boat rose from beneath the floorboards, with me steering it and Karl sitting uneasily at the stern.

The play’s language was equally spectacular. Itamar’s first play in six years (and his first since winning a Tony Award for writing the book of The Band’s Visit), The Whistleblower was both deeply personal and verbally pyrotechnic.

What the constitution means to me

Broadway Production

March 14-June 3, 2018

by Heidi Schreck, dir. Oliver Butler

with Rosdely Ciprian, Mike Iveson, Heidi Schreck, and Thursday Williams

Role: Mel Yonkin (u/s)

Helen Hayes Theater (Broadway)

My Broadway debut. “It is not just the best play to open on Broadway so far this season,” said The New York Times, “but also the most important.”

The Broadway set of  What The Constitution Means To Me  included pictures of (from up left) Clubbed Thumb cast member Danny Wolohan, current cast member Mike Iveson and understudy Ben Beckley, as well as director Oliver Butler (down right).

The Broadway set of What The Constitution Means To Me included pictures of (from up left) Clubbed Thumb cast member Danny Wolohan, current cast member Mike Iveson and understudy Ben Beckley, as well as director Oliver Butler (down right).

Bat kitty


April 5, 2019

by Amy Staats

with Tucker Aust, Ylfa Edelstein, Dawn McGee, Elizabeth Pepe, Shawn Randall, and Theresa Rose

Role: Marc

Atlantic Theater Company



April 29, 2019

by Francis Rabkin, dir. Miranda Haymon

with Rachel Christopher, Kate Goehring, Federico Rodriguez

Role: Thomas

New York Theatre Workshop

My character was based on the founder of the Diggers, radical egalitarian Protestants in Renaissance England.

You can hear their incredible 17th-century anthem here. (I sang it in the reading.)

Pandora’s BOx




May 6, 2019

by Frank Wedekind, translated by Kai Maristed, dir. Tea Alagic

with Constantine Beecher, Paten Hughes, and Andi Stover

Role: Animal Tamer, Schwartz, Schoen

I’d seen the Alban Berg opera (starring the incredible Marlis Peterson) and G.W. Pabst’s silent film (starring the incredible Louise Brooks), but I’d never encountered their source material until Paten Hughes invited me to her apartment to read through a new translation of Wedekind’s Lulu plays.

the broken'hearts of a corrupted white house


May 17, 2019

by Matthew Paul Olmos, dir. May Adrales

with Michael Billingsley, Brittany Belizeare, Juan Concado, Luis Moreno, and Christina Pumariega

Role: G. Gordon Liddy